Restaurant Letter

Dear John, an excellent meal is coming your way.

 I’m sure you’ve had a long flight from the Midwest. Are you ready to kick back and relax in good, old Tucson, AZ?  Time to take in a new place and try some fantastic local cuisine!

You should know there are a variety of exceptional restaurants here.  You can get Greek, Vietnamese, Chinese, Middle-Eastern and of course, Mexican.

BUT, my favorite restaurant doesn’t feature any of these cuisines.  This is a back to basics eatery in a manner of speaking.  It makes me think of some of the scrumptious meals our families had together when we were kids.

It features traditional American food of the very best, just the thing you would think of when visiting the Wild West.

Picture authentic cowboy regalia and flagstone floors, and that is a snapshot of my favorite restaurant, a place I’m eager to take you to.

So, have I got a restaurant for you!

I can hardly wait to take you to have some of the most succulent prime rib ever.  El Corral is a historic old ranch house restaurant that features the yummiest prime rib you have ever tasted.

This is the place I go to when I want something really special.

I’ll admit I had never eaten in an authentic old ranch house before.

I can remember a wonderful family reunion we had there.  We walked into the main dining room which had flagstone floors, wood beam ceilings and all kinds of antique cow boy knickknacks.  Everybody was dressed up.  I almost felt like I was going back in time or that I was on an old movie set.  The table we sat at was rustic, polished redwood.  I had the petit cut cooked medium which was still a pretty generous serving.  I couldn’t eat if all and I had prime rib for lunch the next day, too!

The meat was juicy and flavorful and served with both au jus and horseradish sauce.

El Corral also has all kinds of tasty side dishes like tamale pie which is creamy and savory, baked potatoes with sour cream, butter and chives and fresh baked bread;  a perfect accompaniment for the steaks and ribs.

For dessert, there’s the famous Adobe Mud pie which is a cool and chocolaty treat.  Yum!

I can just taste it now.

Jim Christian of Tucson says El Corral is “simply excellent…steak and ribs are great, but I keep coming back for the prime rib.”

NurseRhonda 1966 of Whitley City, Kentucky says “Highly recommended….food very good.”

Save S. says “Best prime rib in Tucson….a legend…an old ranch…and is fun to visit.”

Azracegirl99 says “Historic Tucson at its best…try the tamale pie too!”

I love going to El Corral because it’s a one of a kind experience.

I’ll buy you dinner at this fabulous establishment when you visit next Saturday.  Be prepared to be amazed.

Love, your friend, Bridget

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